Vertical Blinds

Perfect for sliding glass doors or large windows.


Vertical blinds provide the ideal solution for covering sliding glass doors or large windows. They are available in a full range of styles, from moderately priced vinyl to decorative fabrics.

The vertical vanes rotate open and closed and traverse across the window like a drapery to provide excellent light control. Vertical blinds can be stacked tightly to one side, allowing you to take full advantage of your outside view.

  • Tilting or traversing allows control over amount of light in a room.
  • Provide optimum privacy and security when closed.
  • Very durable.
  • Easy to clean: vanes hang vertically, eliminating settling dust, so they remain virtually dust free.
  • Unique design options available—can be installed within the same boundaries as drapes (floor to ceiling, wall to wall, etc.).
  • Stack tightly when closed, taking up much less space than draperies.
  • Wide variety of materials from which to choose (Vinyl, fabric, wood, and woven wood material).