About Us

Tint Masters Is Siouxland’s #1 Commercial & Residential Window Film Installation Center!

Energy Savings

Solar window film blocks as much as 80% of the sun’s heat, and dramatically lower air conditioning costs.

During winter, the same solar window film will retain interior heat, and reduce heating costs.

The return on investment truly is impressive. Call us to learn about how you can receive generous cash rebates when you have solar control window film installed.

Clarity Meets Privacy

Solar window film reduces that annoying glare whether it’s the sun’s reflection off the swimming pool, or a fresh blanket of snow. Solar control window film also increases privacy, letting you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without concern for who is looking in.

With the added privacy of solar window film, drapes and blinds need not be draw, but you can still enjoy your view without feeling like you’re on display.